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Summer of Workshops

Happy July and welcome back!

Coming off of a content day shoot with the incredible Caitlin O'Neill (AKA Ms Chester) at the Headshot Brand Bar in Verona. Wow... this was one of the coolest spots I've shot at! Excited to share more of what we created there.

Mondlock Moments team filming content interviews with MCMC Weddings Team
Mondlock Moments team filming content interviews with MCMC Weddings Team

A content day includes a mix of both branding portraits for you and your small business team, but also a TON of video content for you to use on both your website and social media. Put your best foot forward with your online presence!

The best part... the first Mondlock Moments Summer Intern is now a part of the team! Welcome to the team, Sarah!

Sarah the Mondlock Moments Summer Intern
Welcome Aboard Sarah

We have a lot of plans for the weeks ahead, and I'm excited to share them! As you may know, I am addicted to creating content of any sort... so in good fashion, I have partnered up with several local businesses and creatives to put together a slew of opportunities for y'all.

First up on Saturday July 6th, I teamed up with Avant Aerial in Downtown Somerville for Pole Dance Mini Portrait Sessions! It's an opportunity for folks to get their power and sexy on while striking a pose with the incredible guidance of Amanda Blackman, owner of Avant Aerial.

Sunday, I am teaming up with BLashes out of Whitehouse Station to create a content day where her client base can come in and become the models that represent her brand!

Dancer and Yoga Teacher Headshots
Headshot examples from recent shoots.

On Wednesday July 10, local theatre director Shayna Jiorle and I are throwing a headshot day in the park. Limited slots are available, but it is an opportunity for performers, singers, dancers, actors or anyone in the theatre community to get creative and vibrant updated headshots... and let's put an end to AI Headshots... Check the end for an example of why you shouldn't get an AI headshot. Click to snag your spot!

July 14th, there are still a few slots left for my intro to portrait photography course I am teaching at Blue Marble Studios in Downtown Somerville. We will be going over the basics of shooting in manual mode, how to manipulate and utilize lighting both in studio and in natural light. A live model will be present to practice glamour portraits, headshots and lifestyle portraits with.

I also teach individual lessons as well, so if you're looking to amp up your photo snapping game and switch off of AUTO, let's chat!

Looking to team up and create a workshop with your business? I am open to any and all ideas! Definitely would like to bring some of your ideas to life.

Keep an eye out as well on Mondlock Moments Media's Instagram Page for any giveaways or discounts on portrait sessions. Thinking about giving out a couple free sessions... who knows what can happen??

Until next time, y'all!


My AI Headshot
No More AI Headshots, Please!

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