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Senior Model Team

Welcome! You may be here to find out what the heck a Senior Model Team is and why you may want to be part of it. This program was created to offer high school students something fun and different than just the traditional Senior Portrait Package. Photos taken through this program are featured throughout Mondlock Moments Media's marketing and social media branding. You essentially become a representative for our brand!

A typical senior portrait session package can start around $500 just for the session. This opportunity cuts that cost in half, and offers fun variety in a group shoot day setting! Some families use this in lieu of the traditional package and walk away with fun portraits and prints from the multiple shoots throughout the year!

At the end of the year, a magazine consisting of portraits from all of the shoots throughout the year will be compiled for you and will have a feature on each member of the team.

Since this is also helping Mondlock Moments on the marketing front, that is why we can keep the cost lower. We also have a referral bonus of $25 gift card to your favorite store for any lead that converts into a booking for a shoot with Mondlock Moments Media.

If you're interested in applying, click the button below or email!


  • What is included?

    • Up to 4 portrait sessions throughout the season

    • Each session comes with 2 high resolution downloads per team member

    • Featured throughout Mondlock Moments marketing and social media pages

    • $150 Print Credit for Albums and Prints

    • A Magazine featuring everyone on the team at the end of the season

    • Opportunities to get dolled up by professional hair stylists and makeup artists

    • Meet new friends during these sessions

  • How many people are selected per season?

    • 5 students are selected each season!

  • How long does a season go?

    • It goes along with seasons of the year. For example, Spring season we consider March to June.

  • What does it cost?

    • It is free to apply, and if you are selected, it is $250 to participate!

  • Do I need to be a senior to apply?

    • You can be any grade in high school, but seniors will get priority in the application process!

  • Can I share these photos on my social media pages?

    • Please do! Share with everyone! If you are able to bring in any referrals, you get a $25 gift card to your favorite store or restaurant

  • How many photos do I receive per shoot?

    • You receive 2 digital downloads at high resolution. You can purchase more after either per photo or in packages.

  • How many shoots throughout the season are there?

    • Up to 4 shoots to participate in

  • Do you offer internships to students?

    • Aside from being in front of the camera, there is an added bonus where you can assist and learn about what goes on behind the lens. We also offer internships in general depending on what skillset you are looking to learn.

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